Memories are an extremely important part of our lives. Without memories, all that is left is a dull hopeless way of living, and with them you can always go back to who you are and who you always have been. Particularly for the big events of your life. The major event of a person’s life, like their wedding and the important birthdays, are times when you actually need to capture all the memories that you can. Because these memories will bring a smile on your face during difficult times, more than anything else.

Wedding photography is big business nowadays. People want the best moments of their weddings to be captured perfectly, and are willing to spend quite a lot of money to see that happen. But there are a few things you need to learn about photography before you attempt to become a wedding photographer. Here are a few tips for that:

HAVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOUR CAMERA: Before you go for photography, you need to have enough knowledge about the camera which is the most important instrument in wedding photography. There are various types of camera, and if you have an eye for one, check all the features of it before buying it. It all comes down to your choice, the camera that you think will fit you perfectly.

HAVE AN EYE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Wedding Photography isn’t a gig you do because you’re desperate. To become a good photographer, you need to have an eye for photography in the first place. With photography you can freeze moments in time, and you need to have a talent from that. You need to find beauty in the little moments and try to capture them. Weddings are all about love and the commitment two people make to each other, and you need to be present every second of it to capture every bit of that emotion you can.

CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE: Wedding photography is a lucrative business currently, but there are hundreds of people trying their hand at it. Honestly, everyone with a DSLR thinks that they are a good photographer and goes for it. The worst part of this whole scenario, is that even if you’re a better photographer than all of them, you still have to fight against quite a bit of competition just to create a name for yourself. It is extremely time consuming and will make you question yourself and your talent. Therefore, you need something unique, something special that’ll mark your work from the rest. Having your own unique style of photography, creative various innovative themes and showing your creativity are actually wonderful ways to create a mark. You have to remember that photography is a form of art, or creative talent, and you have to be extremely creative about it. Keep your work original and amazing to attract more people.

UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMERS AND WHAT THEY WANT: Every customer that hires you for their wedding photography must have something in their minds. Afterall people plan their weddings since they are kids, so before you take up a gig, you need to talk to your client about what they want specifically, so that you can give them the best work of yours.


These were some tips on how to become a better wedding photographer.